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Mallory DeMayo


(843) 283-5089

My Story

Let me start by saying I was never a candle person for fear of fires and the smell of wick was never appealing to me!  I discovered Scentsy at a doctors office, as I came out of the exam room I sniffed and asked what that smell was?  The nurse informed me it was  "SCENTSY", which I had never heard of.  I was curious and was told someome who worked there was a consultant and I was given a catalogue.  I took it home and perused the book and turned to my husband and told him I was quite intrigued seeing it was a beautiful and safe product and told him this could be something I could be interested in getting involved in cause EVERYONE loves candles and this was a much better alternative due to the fact that there was no wick, flame or soot.  We were in the process of relocating so I searched out consultants in my new location and it wasn't until almost a year later that I joined when I met my sponsor at a show and we hit it off and knew she was the one I wanted to sign with!  My only regret is waiting all that time when I could have been actively learning and growing  my business.  I f anyone has any reservations or is waiting for that right time, DON'T wait!!!   Contact me, I would love to have you on my team,,whether you need a hobby, need to get out of the house and socialize meeting new people,  want to pay off some bills, or just want to earn some extra pocket money, SCENTSY offers it all with fantastic incentives for consultants... How does an EXOTIC vacation sound.... ALL EXPENSES PAID!!  It will be a life changing decision making lifetime friends, or I should say extended family, you will not regret!!!!  I will be with you every step of this journey!!!  

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